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Our Team.

Although we’re newly formed as a studio, our core team of 3 directors have a combined 40-years of experience in the creative industry. In that time we’ve worked with a range of clients, from international resources and finance; global commercial brands; not for profits, government and education. 

We share a passion for creativity and production and started tsp Studio to bring this into the work we do for our clients.

Ian Bignell

Executive Producer / Founding Partner

As the Executive Producer of tsp Studio, Ian masterfully translates abstract ideas into compelling video narratives, sitting at the crossroads of creativity and strategy. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, he’s not just a producer; he’s a relationship-builder and problem-solver. He understands that the essence of impactful video production lies as much in collaboration as in vision and has produced work for local and international clients, as well as documentaries and tv shows in Australia and UK.

Jesse Bartlett

Production Director / Founding Partner

With a perfect blend of youthful dynamism and a decade’s wisdom, Jesse Bartlett stands tall as the Head of Production at tsp Studio. Despite being the little spoon of the team (by way of age only), he commands respect, not just for his infectious enthusiasm, but for a track record laden with impeccable projects. His vast experience, coupled with an innovative mindset, ensures that tsp Studio consistently delivers content that’s both groundbreaking and of the highest calibre. Jesse has experience in both the production environment and client-side, most recently at Murdoch University, where he helped run their creative content department.

Luke Stevenson

Creative Director / Founding Partner

Luke is the creative force behind tsp Studio, always striving to take ideas in new directions and ensure briefs are met with creativity and flair. He shoots, he directs, he edits, and can even produce, if he had the time. He’s spent the last 15 years in the creative industries, working in various roles but has always been attracted back to the creative side of things. He is constantly pushing the others to think differently, while keeping an eye on all the new tech developments that can help clients get the edge.

Our Team.

You may not have met them yet. And you may not know their name. But these heroes, are the fleet of superpowered friends and connections that the tsp directors have. We ONLY use the right person for the right creative task 

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